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Quick Update on Pre-Production for "The Legend..."

Big news of the week is that I am no longer a crew of one. Joining the production from CM9 Films is Cecilio "Chopper" Martinez, stepping into the role of producer on The Legend of El Chupacabra. Chopper and I have known each other for just over a year now and have collaborated on a few 48-Hour Film Projects.

He's someone that I trust who brings great ideas to the conversation. I'm excited to have someone to bounce ideas off of and share the workload. I've always been very careful about who I work with on film projects. For me, negative energy on set is such a drag. I just don't have time for it.

No worries with my man Chopper. He's one of the good ones. Welcome aboard Chopper.

Let's make a movie! Or perhaps more accurately...let's find our audience, let's raise some funds...then...let's make a movie.

In other news, we've received over 250 submissions for roles in the film. Lots of headshots, resumes and demo reels to sort through but we already have some very promising actors and actresses for many of the key roles. Expect major casting announcements to come out before the end of the month.

Script development continues. We're leaning heavily into the comedy in the latest draft and getting great feedback and notes from other screenwriters on the script. I'm proud of it. It's a totally ridiculous comedy. Just the way I like it.

We're also busy developing viral content concepts to help build our audience. Need to feed that social media beast. I think we've got some great ideas that will tie in nicely with the comedy of the film and the local Texas flavor of El Chupacabra. Excited to start releasing that beginning in March.

That's it for now. Thanks for being a part of the journey. I hope you'll stick with us and see what happens.

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